Explore  Magpaint’s infinite possibilities at work, at home,in school and  shopping malls. Just apply it to surfaces, and do not abstain  to use the surfaces  using  for new purposes. Everyone can show their creativity with Magpaint. Magpaint is an innovative product for any interior. Be prepared to be surprised  by  Magpaint.

We have 4 main group products;

1-)SketchPaint: This paint that makes stainable any surfaces with wooden pencils

2-)MagnetPaint:This paint that makes magnetic any surface

3-) Magnet Plaster: It is a high quality plaster which shows magnetic properties and leaves smoothness to the applied surface.

4-)Blackboard Paint:This paint makes stainable any surfaces with chalk.

All our products are not absolutely harmless to health and containing solvent. Suitable for children and the environment. These products are applied like ordinary decorative paints, only have some tricky points. Technical information forms have detailed with usage information.  Paints can thin with water  if required. Technical information sheets of the products will be provided on request.