Contrary to the statement that all forms of silver accumulate after entering the body tissues and very few are excreted, silver is actively metabolized in the human body and eventually a large part of it is eliminated through the liver, urine and hair.

Silverzone, a very special formula, patented nano-silver solution developed in Nano Technology Laboratory, is produced for long-term and very effective disinfection.

It prevents fungus formation. It prevents bacterial growth on carpets, curtains and textile surfaces for a long time. It destroys the living area of the mites in the beds. It prevents the spread of the legionary microbe in the ventilation systems. In addition to organic odors such as moisture, mold and sweat, it also removes many chemical odors such as cigarettes.

Mankind has survived for centuries by producing different alternatives that have struggled with diseases. Micro-organisms are found in the air we breathe, in our body, in the soil, and on all surfaces we touch. In particular, bacteria accelerate the deformation of surfaces (corrosion, defeat, gnawing, abrasion) as well as health problems such as infectious diseases and bad odors. Concerns about human and environmental health have increased the interest especially on silver added anti microbial materials.

The most resistant metal to bacteria is silver (Ag). Silver is found in nature as two different elements. 1. Silver ions from metal, 2. Silver ions from Juglans Regia L. plant SILVER ION NANO SIZED ANTI-MICROBIAL SOLUTION

Silver is a harmless factor for humans with many anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Silver is liquefied thanks to nano technology and has been developed as a disinfection product that greatly increases the activation of destruction and long-term protection on bacteria, viruses, fungi.

Nano silver used in Silverzone; It was obtained from silver ions from Juglans Regia L. plant using nanotechnology.

Nano Silver particles; It inhibits the DNA of bacteria and microorganism by passing through the cell wall and cell membrane of bacteria and microorganisms. In this case, the reproduction of the growing microorganisms is prevented.

The electrons, which appear under the influence of silver, destroy the reproductive properties of bacteria and microorganisms by tearing their cell membranes, stop replicating their DNA and RNA. Since bacteria and fungi can multiply by dividing their membranes, they are prevented from multiplying when their membranes are torn thanks to the electrons that come out with a silver effect. Thus, their microbial activities become ineffective.

Nano silver, which has been reported to kill 650 pathogens known or not mutated in a very short time, has been accepted by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a drug.

Silverzone has Type 2 “Biocidal Product License” (disinfectant product used for disinfection of air, surface, materials, tools and furniture in public, private and industrial areas including hospitals) which means it is a long-acting, anti-bacterial and deodorizing agent.