Surface Chemicals

Bio-Zentech natural conversion coating technology is a group of product technologies functionally similar to traditional iron and zinc phosphate on steel and chrome conversion coats on aluminium and zinc. The functionality of these new technologies are reflected in their ability to match or better than traditional technologies in performance of accelerated corrosion tests such as:

  • Neutral salt spray
  • Acetic acid salt spray
  • Pressure cooker tests etc.

Outperforming traditional technologies is only the start of the matter. Bio-Zentech natural coating technology is safe for users, does not present any known hazards to the environment and in most cases used solutions can be discharged to sewer (subject to local water authority approval).

The environmental profile is further enhanced by its very high conversion efficiencies which means very little sludge is generated in use, and consequently very long periods between tank dumps.

This plant based surface treatment technology that offers a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to chromate, zinc and iron phosphate.

The range includes:

Metal Pretreatment: With ever increasing demands on effluent quality, Bio-Zentech has developed a range of metal pretreatment products with lower environmental impact than traditional technology. Offering, in many cases, improved salt spray resistance and paint adhesion properties the range includes products which are – heavy metal free and phosphate free, for both spray and dip applications. All products operate at low temperatures and are extremely efficient in use.

Beverage Can: A full range of approved products for the beverage can industry, including low temperature cleaners, treatments, accelerators and rinse aids.

Cleaning: A range of solvent free, neutral pH cleaners suitable for many applications including spray, dip and parts washers. Alkaline and NTA free, these products do not require high temperatures.

Paint Strippers: A range of paint stripping products which are water based, more environmentally friendly and less hazardous than traditional products. They are capable of performing in the toughest of applications and situations. Cutting edge formulations produce excellent results when stripping a wide range of paints from almost any type of surface.

Bio-Zentech has also developed a range of rust removal and treatment products, moss and mould removal products and a large selection of home and car care products.